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She'd already been where the wars were:

People were always fighting, over her, and around her...

Scarlett, Carmine Zuigiber, Miss Red aka War
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Name Lorena
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Disclaimer: War and Good Omens belong to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Art by linpuzzle

"Red signed the receipt pad, illegibly, then printed her name. The name she wrote was not Carmine Zuigiber. It was a much shorter name."

"The men in the room suddenly realized that they didn't want to know her better. She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.

And as she held her sword, she smiled like a knife."

Name: War.
Series: Good Omens.
Aliases: Scarlett, Carmine "Red" Zuigiber.
Age: No idea. I guess after the Original Sin or Lucifer’s rebellion?

Personality: War is, against what people could expect her to be, not really violent. She’s passionate and aggressive but not a violent sort of personification, unless, she’s provoked. Playful, sly, adventure-loving, War regards living beings as playthings (or really children who like her games and toys, she’s always generous to give), disliking when she’s bossed around (unless the said person is lord Death). A tease and flirt at heart, War is good to attract attention (negative and positive) and could be polite enough when dealing with people. Out all the Horsemen, War is the most excited (or so it seems) to trigger the Apocalypse, she compares it as a special date, like Christmas or a birthday they can’t celebrate (possibly because the Armageddon is about a great war). The only times she loses her cool is when she doesn’t get her way with what she considers important.

Red likes violent people, well, people in general who pay her attention.

Powers: War is the personification of fighting, violence and aggression. The moment she steps on, peace is gone. The City limits her influence to avoid a war between everyone, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t at least feel her presence impacting them (but it’s up muns’ choice for plotting). War is not a living being or a being at all, but a created idea who was able to escape the minds to form herself, as thus she can’t be killed or destroyed (unless, people stop being violent, obviously), only returned into minds for a while until she’s able to escape again. Weapons and aggression can’t be used against Red, it’s like trying to kill Death, make Pollution sick, impossible (she’s one with those things as fighting representation). Despite being War, she isn’t allowed to fight unless in special cases (with permission granted by lord Death), aside of the big day (Apocalypse). Everytime she touches a weapon, she’ll know to use it at fullest, even if she had never contact with it before, she could teach people about it and train them, but as I limited before War can’t fight by herself due to rules.


Basic: (Years after Good Omens) After Adam and Pepper returned her to the minds of men, War took years to come out again. She was very angry at this accident and took her first “waiting” job (as Miss Rouge, a counselor) in a prestigious school of York. There she had four top students start a massacre after she assigned them a project to improve the interest of their fellows in their classes. Satisfied, Red drove south with her motorcycle when she was brought into the City.

In the City, she found Pollution and lord Death (other than Aziraphale and Crowley) and provoked numerous fights. She is very excited about the End of the Worlds and hopes the Four will have a chance to ride together again.

Housing: Building Five, so far.

Alignment: Horsemen. She’s not good or evil, she’s War and takes no sides.

Status: Corporeal.

Relationship Status: Free. Like with sides, she can’t choose one companion or anyone.


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